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Poisoned Trees Roots Festival

Saddle for Sale

4AD, Diksmuide:

Breng alvast uw cowboyhoed en –boots mee, want van bij de lost highway aan Oostende, Texas, presenteert 4AD Saddle For Sale, een eclectische mix van outlaw country, rockabilly en roots.

Gipsy Rufina

For over a decade Gipsy Rufina rolled and rambled around playing thousand of gigs across Europe and South America, daring sometimes tours in countries where few others did. Hoboing in a pure outlaw troubadur spirit he constantly toured from 2005, picking the lines of his narrative, coming from his life, obscure sometimes, simple others but still deep, soaked with grace and far from a cheesy songwriting. Born and raised in between the mountains in the center of Italy , Gipsy Rufina desired to see what was beyond the mountains. Over the mountains was Rome, where Gipsy played in different bands in the 90s Punk-HardCore scene.

Inkom : €2