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Poisoned Trees Roots Festival

The Whereabouts of J Albert

The Whereabouts ofJ. Albert is a brand new band formed around singer/songwriter Joeri Dobbeleir (Monster Youth, ex-Giants Of the Air). Their music can be described as a blend between singer-songwriter, roots music and shoegaze.

Two of their songs( Keep On Falling Out and Hangman’s Rope) were also used as a soundtrack for the popular documentary ‘De Fiscus’ on Belgian National Television, VRT 2016-2017.

Their debut album “The Whereabouts of J. Albert” is due for release april 7th 2017 through Greedy Eyes Records

Philip Bradatsch

With an undeviating sense of the suspense which comes out of raw, plain songs with symbolic language Philip Bradatsch sings about life how it is: Dreadful, pretty, sad, enchanting. Quiet moments can become loud at times just as minor thoughts can become monsters. The voice of the singer of The Dinosaur Truckers takes the listener away, diving deep into the melancholy of Folk Music and back into the here and now. Dark, vulnerable, angry – and tender.


After a long hard run, down the roads across this land. Bob Wayne gathered up some outlaws, and they formed themselves a band. Now every day is different, every player every show. Will you see a bearded lady? Unless you go, you’ll never know. So come one, yeah, come all. When this ho down comes around. Who know’s, you could be an outlaw too! Lettin’ out that carnie sound.

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